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Advice on Teaching Good Dental Habits Gilbert, AZ

Advice on Teaching Good Dental Habits Gilbert, AZ

Once your child reaches a certain age of adolescents, they most likely would have learned good hygiene habits. Here are some points to keep in mind when helping them develop a healthy smile:

  • By age 12 or 13, your teeth should fully grasp how and when to brush their teeth and floss. However, small, daily reminders to develop these habits may still be necessary. The overall importance of tooth brushing should be emphasized.
  • If your child has braces, encourage more frequent brushing and invest in the special oral cleansing tools and products to help with dental care.
  • Make your child aware of how certain foods can cause dental health to suffer and promote healthy eating habits.
  • Continue to require your child to visit the dentist twice a year.

If you would like to ask more questions about good oral hygiene in your child or would like to schedule them a free consultation in our office, you can give Power Ranch Dental a call at (480) 988- 2282. 

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