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What am I Expected to do if My Child Chips, Breaks or Knocks out a Tooth?

When it comes to an injury to your child’s mouth you should immediately contact your dentist. After the child is brought into the dentist’s office he/she will examine the affected area and determine what appropriate treatment would take care of the injury.

If you child has broken, cracked or chipped a tooth, a dentist should be contacted and the child should be examined immediately. You may want to give them an over the counter pain reliever to subside the pain until their scheduled appointment. If it is possible, keep any part of the tooth that has broken off and take it with you to the dentist.

If a tooth is completely knocked out of the tooth by a trauma injury, take the tooth to your dentist as soon as possible. Try to handle the tooth as little as possible. Do not wipe of clean off the tooth. You can store the tooth in water until you get to the dentist.

Please contact our office at (480) 988-2282 and let us know if we can assist with an injury to your child’s mouth or if you have any further questions. Thanks! 

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