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Choosing Floss Gilbert, AZ

What type of floss should I use? Gilbert, AZ


Picking the right type of floss for your mouth is just as important as knowing how to brush and floss correctly. When it comes to floss, there are varieties of types as well as a variety of flavors. If you are still confused or unsure about the type of floss you need to be using then please be sure to talk to your dentist or dental hygienist.


The following list shows the types of floss that are available:


Waxed floss:

Waxed floss is slipperier and allows people who have tight spaces between their teeth to floss easier. The floss is coated with a waxy substance and allows it to slide gently between the teeth. This floss also doesn’t fray as easily as other types.


Un-waxed floss:

Un-waxed floss is not as slippery as waxed floss and doesn’t fit very well between spaces. However, un-waxed floss does make a squeaking noise to let you know that between your teeth are clean. This floss frays and tears easy because there is no outer coating to help hold strands together.


We hope that explaining these types of floss answers any questions you might have. For further questions, please call Power Ranch Dental (480) 988-2282!

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