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Crown Risks Gilbert, AZ

Potential Complications for Crowns

Since there is a wide difference among people and dental conditions, a successful outcome for placement of crown or bridges cannot be predicted of obtained. Sometimes unexpected results occur. Here are some of the most common (but not all) complications after crown or bridge procedures:

  • Pain, swelling, bruising, infection or prolonged bleeding.
  • Permanent or temporary numbness to the cheeks, lips, tongue, teeth or gums.
  • A root canal treatment may be needed before or after the crown is cemented.

Should these or other adverse symptoms occur, call the office immediately. Do not wait until the next scheduled appointment.

Like all medical and dental surgeries, there are NO GUARANTEES that a crown or bridge will be successful. The hope is that the crown or bridge will last at least five years, but there is no accurate way to predict longevity in any particular person.

For answers to further questions or to express concerns, please contact Power Ranch Dental at (480) 988- 2282. Thank you!

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