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Dental Implant Gilbert, AZ

Implant Success Rate

Implants are the best option. In general, Upper implants have a 90% success rate and lower implants have a 95% success rate. The success rate is defined as to how well the implant integrates into the jawbone.

Why an implant might fail. Sometimes no one knows. No one can predict the human body with certainty. Infection, Antibiotics must be taken strictly as prescribed to minimize this risk. Diabetes or other diseases which restrict blood flow to the jaw bone and tissues could also be a factor. A huge factor would be smoking. Smoking can double the failure rate, especially if smoking in the first month of implant placement. Poor bone density, which can only be estimated by dental x-rays. Poor Oral hygiene can play a role. Regular dental visits are critical to long-term success. If you have history or grinding or clenching your teeth, and night guard would be required. 

If an implant fails they must be removed. Sometimes new implants can be placed in the same general area, and other times they cannot. Bone grafting and/or other procedures may be needed.

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