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Factors that Increase the Risk of Gingivitis Gilbert, AZ

Factors that Increase the Risk of Gingivitis Gilbert, AZ

Gum disease is the result of poor oral hygiene. However, there are some more factors that increase the risk of gingivitis. The following are some examples:

  1. Tobacco use- smoking or chewing tobacco prevents gum tissue from healing.
  2. Rotated, crooked or overlapping teeth can create areas for bacteria, plaque and calculus to hide and accumulate, making it important to see your Gilbert dentist or seek orthodontic correction.
  3. Excessive or chronic stress can impair the body’s immune response, increasing levels of inflammation in mouth and contributes to disease throughout the body.
  4. Diets including high amounts of sugar or carbohydrates increase the formation of plaque, while low nutrient intake also impairs immune function.
  5. Drink plenty of water. Water helps the system flush bacteria from the mouth.

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