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Jaw Pain Gilbert, AZ

The treatment of TMJ Gilbert AZ

How is TMJ Treated?

There are many different treatments you can follow that may dramatically reduce TMJ symptoms, but there is no single cure. One or more of the following may be recommended by your dentist in order to help with TMJ:

  • Try to eliminate muscle spasms and pain by applying a moist heating pad or taking medication such as muscle-relaxants, aspirin or other over-the-counter pain-relievers or anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Reducing the harmful effects of clenching ad grinding can help TMJ symptoms reduce. You can do this by wearing an appliance, sometimes call a bite plate or splint. Costom-made to fit in your mouth, the appliance slips over the teeth and keeps them from hard grinding against the lower teeth.
  • Relaxation techniques can also help TMJ. Your dentist may suggest you seek training or counseling to eliminate stress.
  • If the joints of a jaw are affected and all other treatments have been unsuccessful, surgery on the jaw joint may be recommended.

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