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Gilbert Arizona Dentist Fillings:


As a Gilbert dentist specializing in fillings, we would like to provide you with information to know the difference between fillings and crowns. Fillings are meant to cover over the damages part of a tooth, whereas crowns cover the outside of the whole tooth.

Some dental crowns are made to be all ceramic or porcelain crowns and some are all metal-alloy crowns.

A dentist usually recommends that their patients use crowns if their teeth are out of shape, their tooth is relatively weak, or to make the tooth more aesthetically appealing.

As dental crowns are the outer covering for damaged tooth, it is very easy for dentists to correct tooth where a large portion of it has been destroyed.

Dental fillings only require filling materials to be put into the damaged portion of the tooth directly. To do a crown, a plaster mold would have to be made first and then a crown is made in the dental laboratory. Once crown is ready, the dentists will call the patient to come back and have it fitted.

Although crowns have many advantages over dental fillings, some prefer the latter as they are much cheaper. The key disadvantage of filling is that if the problem is weak, then filling will not make it strong. Only a crown can help it because the encapsulation is very rigid.

If you think you may need a crown or fillings, come see us at Power Ranch Dental!


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