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Prevention of Childhood Cavities// Gilbert, AZ

How to Prevent Early Childhood Cavities:

The best way to prevent these cavities is to not put your baby in bed with a bottle. If your baby must have a bottle in bed, you can put plain water in it. Any liquid besides water, such as milk or juice, can cause cavities.

You may use a bottle to feed your baby during normal feeding times, but do not allowed your baby to use their bottle as a pacifier. This can be a cause of major tooth decay. Try and hold your baby while they are being feed. If your baby falls asleep, remove the bottle and put them in bed. Avoid putting your baby to sleep with a bottle and letting a toddler walk around with a bottle.

If you need more tips on how to help with baby bottle decay, talk to us here at Power Ranch Dental or your general physician. Thanks!

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