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Removable Prosthetics // Gilbert, AZ

Full and partial dentures are also commonly known as removable prosthetics. Removable prosthetics are meant to come out of your mouth every night, they not a replacement for your natural teeth.  Often times, dentures can move when you chew no matter how they are fitted. Here at Power Ranch Dental, we try our very best to fit our dentures as carefully as possible and assure that they will fit what you have to work with as well as possible. In some cases our doctors may recommend an implant retained denture for your mouth. This would be considered if your boney ridge in your mouth has resorbed over years and there isn’t much for the denture to hold onto. If you still have some natural teeth and choose a partial denture for our course of treatment, this would mean you are just creating a substitution for your missing teeth. If you have questions about dentures give us a call at (480) 999-2282. Thanks!

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