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Root Canal Information Gilbert, AZ




Root Canal Information Gilbert, AZ

Root Canal Treatment is something that is needed when a tooth has been affected by decay or infection. You will read some information about why we do root canals and symptoms to look out for if you would need one. 

Symptoms for RCT:

  1. An abscess on the gums.
  2. Sensitivity to hot and cold.
  3. Severe tooth pain.
  4. Swelling and /or tenderness
  5. Sometimes a tooth is dead and none of these symptoms are present.

Reasons for Root Canal Treatment:

  1. Decay has spread to tooth pulp.
  2. Infection or abscess has developed inside the tooth or at the root tip. 
  3. Injury or trauma to the tooth.

If you feel like you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please give our office a call at (480) 988- 2282. Power Ranch Dental would love to help you achieve a better smile. 

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