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Saliva and Chewing Gum Gilbert, AZ

Saliva and Chewing Gum- The Benefits to Oral Health

Saliva is what helps keep our mouths moist. When we eat saliva flow increases and allows us to chew and swallow food. It also neutralizes acid when we eat a carbohydrate that lowers the ph of our mouth and clears away food after a meal. When we combine saliva flow with chewing gum it creates a new opportunity to stimulate more salivation to neutralize acids.

What does this mean to you? It means that you can decrease the amount of tooth decay by limiting the acid you and your teeth come in contact with. After eating, your pH of your dental plaque becomes acidic for a period of time, weakening teeth and making them susceptible to tooth decay.

A two-year sugarless chewing gum study was conducted on a population on children from third to fifth grade in Europe. Along with non-fluoridated water and regular fluoride toothpaste use, the results after just one year showed children that chewed sugarless gum had a 41.7% reduction in dental cavities compared to control group of children who didn’t chew the gum. The study also showed that chewing three pieces of sugarless chewing gum per day was not difficult to maintain.

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