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Tooth Pulled Gilbert, AZ

Healing After a Tooth Extraction

It is very important to avoid drinking out of a straw after you have a tooth pulled. Anything with suction like rinsing your mouth vigorously or smoking can interrupt the healing process.

When a tooth is extracted a socket is what is left behind. The socket fills with a blot clot, the blood clot stays in place until the jaw bone and gums reform. If any type of suction pulls the blood clot out of the socket, the jaw bone would be exposed to the air. This is called a dry socket. Dry sockets are extremely painful.

If post op instructions given by the Dr. are followed, the risk of a dry socket is minimal. Avoiding straws, hard or crunchy foods, smoking and irritation of the area are important in a quick healing process. Any prolong bleeding or pain should be made aware to your Dr. Post op appointments are sometimes required.

We would love to answer any questions or concerns reguarding this matter. Please give Becky a call.

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