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What causes Cavities? Gilbert, AZ

What causes Cavities? Gilbert, AZ

Cavities are a fairly common dental problem. Here are a few things that have been known to cause more cavities:

  • Specific foods and drinks: foods that cling to your teeth are more likely to cause tooth decay.
  • Frequent snacking: if you are snacking frequently, no matter what type of food, the acid in the food has more time to damage your teeth.
  • Bottled water instead of tap: Many people are concerned about the quality of their local tap water, but public water contains fluoride, which helps to protect tooth enamel from plaque buildup
  • Receding gums: Plaque can form near the roots of your teeth when you have receding gums. These parts of the tooth do not have enamel and are a lot more prone to tooth decay.

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