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What is Plaque? Gilbert, AZ

What is Plaque??










Have you ever wondered what plaque is? When you wake up in the morning do you feel a film on your teeth? That is Plaque. If plaque is not removed off of your teeth by brushing and flossing it can cause periodontal disease and decay.

Plaque is bacteria that comes from the foods you eat. Foods that contain high sugar are likely to cause more build up. It is especially important to brush and floss more often if you consume a lot of sugar. Plaque can be colorless and hard to see, It weakens the enamel (hard outer layer of a tooth) of your teeth which can cause cavities. When cavities are left untreated, the decay can cause a tooth to be sensitive, fracture or require endodontic therapy.

If Plaque isn’t removed off your teeth for long periods of time you would be likely to end up with gingivitis.  Gingivitis can be kept under control with regular dental cleaning and good home care. Good home care is brushing two/three times and flossing daily.

When Gingivitis is left untreated it will turn in to periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is not reversible and can only be maintained, it is active infection in your gums. The infection inflames the gum tissue and causes boneloss around your teeth. This will eventually cause the loss of teeth.

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