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Why Are My Gums Receding? Gilbert, AZ

Gum recession is when the tissue lowers on the tooth and the underlying root is exposed. It can be very sensitive to cold or tooth brushing since the root is more porous and not covered by enamel to protect the nerve.  Recession can happen for any number of life reasons.

1) Overly aggressive brushing or flossing. 
2) Genetics.
3) Abnormal positioned teeth.
4) Grinding teeth.
5) Trauma to gum tissue.
6) Poor oral health.

Treating the recession depends on the cause and ranges from using sensitive toothpaste or placing fillings over the exposed roots. In severe cases tissue grafting can be done to cover the roots back up. Ask your dental professional what they recommend for your specific case. For further information about gun recession, give Power Ranch Dental a call at (480) 988- 2282. We look forward to talking to you soon!

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