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Baby Teeth Gilbert, AZ

Baby teeth are important, baby! Many adults ask why they should put a filling in a decayed baby

tooth or stress about their child's brushing habits when those tiny teeth will eventually be

replaced with big shiny new ones? Good question! Baby teeth aid in speech, eating with proper

digestion, and the overall development of our little ones. Baby teeth also save a spot for the

adult teeth and if taken out too early, due to decay, teeth can become crowded or crooked. Also,

if a cavity gets too big, it can even move down under the gums to the adult tooth before it even

erupts! Not to mention, it hurts! The most important thing we can do for our kids is teach them

healthy brushing habits and the importance of regular dental check-ups. If they get lots of

practice cleaning and keeping those baby teeth healthy,  they will be pros when those adult

teeth are ready to make their rock star entrance.

 If you have any questions reguarding your childs dental needs please give Power Ranch Dental a call. (480) 988-2282.


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