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How to Floss Gilbert, AZ

Steps for Proper Flossing Techniques from dentist in Gilbert, AZ


Practicing good oral hygiene includes flossing. While brushing is the most important part of oral hygiene, flossing is equally important. Flossing can remove plaque and build-up from in between your teeth and below your gum line that your toothbrush cannot reach. Here are some proper flossing techniques from your local dentist in Gilbert, AZ.


Step 1:

Use about eight inches of floss

Step 2:

Wind floss around your two middle fingers; leave one to two inches to work with

Step 3:

Tightly hold floss between your index and middle fingers to prevent floss from moving

Step 4:

Slide floss up and down between each tooth. Follow the natural curve of your tooth to ensure that maximum amount of plaque is removed.

Step 5:

After doing in between each tooth, floss the back and front of each tooth making sure to get below the gum line.

Step 6:

Use a clean section of floss of each tooth.


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