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Types of Food to Eat While in Braces: Gilbert, AZ

Types of  Food to Eat While in Braces: Gilbert, AZ

It is very common for patients in braces to be concerned about the types of food they eat and which ones should be avoided. When patients first get braces, during the first few days with them on, patients will want to stick to a diet that is primarily comprised of soft foods. Some food that should be avoided is hard bread products, tough meats, and crisp raw vegetables. These types of foods can be eaten, but should wait until the weeks following the start of braces so the patient can start to feel more comfortable. Once acclimated to braces, patients can enjoy a wide range of food, but always must stay clear from things like carmel candy, bagels, whole apples and popcorn. These things can be very hard on people’s teeth while they have braces on.

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